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2014-10-08 13:22:58

So. Things have been a little quiet around these parts lately. If you're checking it may even seem like we've disappeared. This isn't true! We are still here... kinda.

In case you missed it up in the news box, Glenn and Courtney recently had a baby. I'll leave it to Glenn to fill you in on all the details but, as one might assume, a baby can fill up your time.

As for myself, I've been super busy with my new writing motivational tool, Word Keeper Alpha. I have been devoting WAY too much time to this particular project in the last couple months, but the initial release is FINALLY done and I can get back to writing on a regular schedule. If you want to check it out, its free! If you know any writers who are warming up for NaNo, I made it especially for them!

That's pretty much all I have for tonight. Just a quick update on our prolonged silence. More Edge is coming ... We may be changing things up, we may not, but we'll be finishing out this chapter .... uhhh ... sometime? It might be entirely dependant on when Glenn starts getting regular sleep again. Hold tight and stay tuned for more updates!

- Seth

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Sloooowww Glenn


2014-08-20 19:24:36

Hello, world! I apologize for being slow Glenn the last couple weeks. I managed to burn myself out quite a bit. But! Interesting things abound in the world, so I'll try to cover some of them.

Recently I've been learning about AngularJS. I've used jQuery templates and Knockout extensively and from what I've learned so far Angular is just a combination of the two, plus some really cool utility functions. If you haven't tried the CodeSchool online "class" for AngularJS, I highly recommend it. The "challenges" let you live-code an example website, which gives you instantaneous feedback about how well you've memorized the syntax they teach you. Once you get to the third module, however, the programmer didn't do as awesome a job as they did in the first two; half the time it doesn't accept perfectly good JS code (especially if you use some of the cooler/less common techniques) and the other half you have to just go to a new line and press "Enter" for no reason to get it to accept your code. Like I said, the first two modules' challenges are coded beautifully, so try some cool things to your heart's content! And the videos are great at showing the evolution of the code, so you can focus on what and why you're coding particular things.

TwitterBootstrap is also in my learning queue as of late. What's great about it is that they do everything I've been doing with CSS and JavaScript for years. Additive classes, media queries, icon fonts, CSS3 transitions, etc etc. The annoying thing is that they've done so dang much of the stuff. You never know if their classes and custom JS+DOM binds are going to play nice together, so you just have to try things in a hundred combinations until it works right. In some ways it speeds up my website development. CRUD pages have never been easier. Add in Angular's easy-as-pie data validations and I can code forms in no time flat. But in so very many ways also, Bootstrap slows me down. I always know how to code what I want - but instead I have to Google-Fu around for half a day trying to find out if "what I want" is implementable through Bootstrap's JS/CSS/DOM-manipulation quagmire. Eventually I'll know where the line is drawn in the sand for writing custom code vs using Bootstrap to do it for me. Until then... so much research...

- Glenn


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