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2014-06-30 00:39:36

Let's talk about manga. What makes a manga great? What makes it timeless and riveting? These days TV, movies, and books all focus on the Formula. The Formula breaks down the greats into their core elements and lays them out in a systematic equation designed to hook a particular demographic. Have you ever seen a pilot episode of a show where a scene or two are added that don't really make any sense in the context of the story, but are really memorable anyway? You've been hooked by the Formula. The writers are introducing some required element of the Formula not to further the story, but simply to push their show into the part of our brains that cause us to watch episode 2. And then 3. And the so on.

Plenty of really cool stories have eventually folded because their pilot episodes didn't have all the parts of the Formula. Firefly for example. The "Train Job" (episode 3, but Fox, damn them, decided to use it as the pilot) - though highly entertaining, genius-ly written, and wonderfully acted+directed - failed as a hook, and so Fox had enough of an excuse to cancel the show. Fox had a few more shenanigans thrown in there, but I digress.

So what makes a manga great? Great characters and a great story. But what makes us read it? How well the first chapter executes the Formula. In the next few months we'll be wrapping up the first Arc of "Edge of December". We'll be in need of a new "pilot" for the Arc 2. Now if only I could just figure out the Formula...

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2014-04-30 19:40:44

So I can't contain my excitement about this any longer. I've got some really spectacular news -- a real inside scoop about the happenings around here.

Right now, I'm in talks and in a test-run with a fellow anime/manga enthusiast and artist, who may end up helping me with Edge! If things go well, you may be seeing more beautiful pages and possibly more pages in general too. We met and talked a long while at Tucson Book Festival - and since then we've been emailing back and forth. Fingers crossed. Eventually I'll write up a full introduction for this person if they accept the workload and we can find a common style that looks good together (mixing artists is always a good learning experience in discovering what quirks make up your personal "style"). This artist is very awesome, so here's hoping!!

I've been searching for artists for a long time to help out with the comic. Tasks range from tonework (which I'm perpetually behind on) to secondary panels (which, seriously -- I drew circles with lines instead of people on panel 5 of this page). Just having more artists around keeps me working harder to impress colleagues, but being able to share the responsibilities of drawing would also greatly improve the quality and speed at which Edge can be delivered. I have a lofty goal of releasing a page a day at some point -- something that's actually tenable if I need only draw 2-3 primary panels and do layouts for each page. Well... at least from an art standpoint that's "all" I'd have to do anyway.

So if you or a friend is interested, I'm looking for a total of 3 artists for Edge (including me). It's strictly volunteer work for now, but we're a growing comic so it won't be that way forever! Someday we're going to be an art studio. And it'll be awesome.

- Glenn


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